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Anyone Wanna Play???   12/8/2020

Reply if do

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How do you play online? Like, is it automatic, like if as soon as I start playing, am I on the online server, or am I doing everything wrong, or i'm dumb.

opening the app and choosing a pal puts you in the server. There’s only one so if anybody else is playing you’ll be placed with them automatically.

Ok, that makes sense. Thank you!


wanna play?

is the big white lad AI or- hes such a sweet baby boy and i love him

he's your pop!

10/10 please update it <3 


this is the best game I've ever played in my life

I can't play this. My screen is rotating around the character constantly without any input ):

if you have a controller plugged in that might be the cause

This is weird and wonderful


this game doesnt work for me i cant choose a color

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You need to use wasd and spacebar.

Nice! Hopefully u can add a pause menu.

Love it. The glitches made it even better XD

Haha love it! Can we talk about publishing of Pop N' Pals at Send me an e-mail at and we'll talk about what we can do together! :)


best game ever! lol

Will there be Mac and Linux versions?

Should already work on Mac, but Linux isn't going to happen.


Me llamo Jeff



just, why.