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On a quest for revenge in the wild west, how you play the cards you're dealt determines your fate.

Once upon a time, there was a lone cowboy
who set out to get revenge.
Like a bloodhound, he scoured the west
determined to find the man who robbed him,
come hell or high water.
And while this cowboy was
just a little guy,
he'd end up making some big choices on his journey
that changed his story in downright mystifying ways.
Setting off across the dusty west,
he knew that if he played his cards right,
one day he'd find that varmint
and give him exactly what he had coming to him.

Made for Crimp Jam II by:

Updated 6 days ago
Published 18 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsChris Wade, Gumboot, gleefulbeest, tomaeusd, max___hue
GenreCard Game, Adventure, Interactive Fiction
TagsShort, storygame, Story Rich, text-adventure, Unity, Western
Average sessionA few minutes


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Version 7


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Great game. The 3D graphics are stuning!


pretty fun and cool game... I really like the style too.


Very neat concept and very well done!


Just pushed another build with some fixes! Really appreciate the comments here with bugs and typos and stuff.


Stole pistols at poker tables, freed a bandit, made my horse drunk. 10/10. Would throw my lasso again.


Such a fun game, thanks for sharing it!

I'll just add my voice to the chorus of folks wishing for more content/expansion of the game. But it's a lot of fun as-is. :)

It would also be awesome to see an expansion that allows for user game mods. I'm guessing something like that would need a way to add new card definitions/art, and an editor for rules to connect them with existing cards.


What an absolute humdinger of a hoedown! I'll tell ya hwat, that was more fun than mud wrasslin' the boys while being hopped up on a snake bite bein' 4 beers down, I tell you hwat! Hope yall done enjoy my video now, pardner! 🤠


This game was so cool! Nice deck builder type of game! Lived out my dream as a cowboy and got my revenge! Good Job!

Shame we can't claim this besides downloading it. I don't have access to a computer now and i don't know how to add it to my collection either. I'm going to forget to download this later... And i want to play it


I think you can add it to a collection without downloading it and that will help you find it later

Small bug I think.

This is resolved now, thanks for posting!

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Its such a charming and silly game with a great art style and writing.

its such a fun little western experience. 

I hope you keep working on it and adding more to it, its the kind of game that makes you want to play over and over and I hope more encounters and locations gets added to add more replayability 

very fun even though its short. if you use the oil baron in the poker game however it says you used a baby, not that big of deal just thought you may want to know.


Definetly going to try this!


Amazing! A better western than RDR2.


This game is so charming!


Hell yeah



and, if I may be so bold,



I think the Fortune Teller is bugged? 


there’s a little ok button visible to the right of card, sorry about that! That aspect is a little cursed I guess , we’ll take a look at fixing that


No apologies necessary! :) Congrats on the release.

Cheers! If you try playing again we're better at supporting varied aspect ratios now


did the priest just tell me to have an 18+ experience with a dead body?


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Very Good Game Can Most Likeliy Can Get The Eyes Of Some Pretty Popular Youtubers Or Like Baronvongames If You Know Him Then You Know His Subs

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pls fix map generation

also add triple gun


You can walk back

oh, didnt know that thx


Great game! The opening sequence is well done! I like the music as well! Gameplay-wise, I enjoyed using the cards in different ways to get some unexpected and sometimes hilarious results. However, I felt like the results were a bit underwhelming or repetitive on that second run. Regardless, I had a blast playing this! Great work! 

Really nice going, guys. I especially like the intro and how you build up a little posse that follows you, with the name of the card changing them a bit, like the "cow" horse.

Are you looking to work on it any more? If so I have some feedback.

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Always happy to hear feedback, but we probably won’t expand it much!